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At the end of Term Two we celebrated many of our Year Four students receiving Communion for the first time.   Both Masses were beautiful and it was exciting to see them make this next step in your faith journey.

   Congratulations to all.

  communion 1Saturday Communion (2)


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Welcome back to Term Three.  What a busy term we will have.  It will be so exciting with so much learning and fun activities ahead.  To begin, we have our School Concert next Friday night at the Besen Centre.  Keep watching for a post about the night. Of course, we have been learning so many other things as well.  Our Inquiry Expo is on Friday 29th July at 8.30am to 10.00 am.  We have been inquiring about a system that interests us and are creating explanations about that system.  We have learnt some new ICT skills to present our work. We are so excited to use these ICT skills to present to others our new learning.  Please keep looking on our blog to catch up with all we are doing.

The Year 3/4 GA Students.

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ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget



Talk to your Mum, Dad or a Grandparent about the meaning of ANZAC Day.
Ask them the following questions:

What happens on ANZAC Day?
Why do you think April 25th was chosen as the day on which to remember the ANZACS?
Why do you think that ANZAC Day is such an important day in Australia and New Zealand?
What makes this ANZAC Day important?

Write your responses to the questions above in a blog comment.


You might even like to watch the Spirit of the ANZAC video below. Click on the link:

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Our Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Concert!


A Night With the Stars!

On Friday the 1st of August the students of Holy Family put on one of the most incredible performances of the year. The adaptation of Peter Pan by the Junior grades and Mary Poppins by the Middle and Senior grades had critics calling it the stage show of a generation. As 2/3/4 students we were entrusted with some very important and significant roles in Mary Poppins. We had waiters, jockeys, hunters, chimney sweeps, a fox and Jane and Michael Banks amongst our very talented year level. We practiced really hard for months, and made sure we knew all our lines, dance moves, when to come on the stage and where to stand.
We arrived early dressed in our wonderful costumes, and had make up applied, even the boys! It was great, we felt like real stars. We waited backstage while the Junior School warmed and dazzled the audience. When we finally got our chance to perform, we walked onto the stage, found our spots and were greeted with a blinding light, rousing applause and smiles and hand waving from our families and friends. It all happened so quickly, and seemed to be over even quicker.
The entire school took the stage for the finale, we waved kites in the air and sang extra loud. Everyone seemed really happy and buzzing with excitement. I think we put on an amazing show. What do you think? What was your favourite part of the night? What was your favourite song from Mary Poppins?

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term three in 3/4 GA


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First Eucharist


On the 21st and 22nd June our Year 4 students received the Eucharist for the first time.
May the happiness of this celebration continue on each day as you live your life in Christ.

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Hawks in Schools Program


On Wednesday 11th June people from the Hawthorn Football club came to teach the year 3 students about healthy eating. We learnt that to be a Hawks player you need to eat healthy food and drinks. During the week we had to record any exercise we did, what we ate, how many glasses of water we drank and how many hours of sleep we had.

On Wednesday 18th June Angus Litherland showed us how to kick the football and do a handball. First we had to warm up to make sure we didn’t get injured when we were playing footy. We played lots of games that required us to use teamwork. We enjoyed playing footy with Angus.

Check out photos from the Hawks in Schools program below:

What was your favourite part of the Hawks in Schools Program?

What football team do you barrack for? Who is your favourite footy player?

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Week 1 Term 4


Going shopping

On Tuesday the 9th of October 3/4GA went shopping to the mount Waverley shops. Using the money we raised from the market day ($1973) we split into groups of about 4

We were buying thins for operation Christmas child we bought things like teddy bears, toys, and hats. We put them in shoe boxes.

“I liked going to the shops” (Jesso)

“When I went to the shops I felt like I was putting a smile on a child’s face” (Jemma)

“I liked looking at the stuff” (Aine)


This term our inquiry topic is history of Australia.  Today we had to look through some mystery boxes which had things like artefacts, photos and clothing items.

Our job was to look through the boxes and learn more about how Australia has changed over time

By Amelia and Vivien

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The Last Week of Term


Wow! What a busy week!

On Monday we went to the 5/6 level learning expo. The expo was about businesses (e.g.: Coles, Woolworths, electricians, bike repair). They had stuff like food, memory chips, bike wheels and much more cool stuff.

On Tuesday we had Market Day that the 3/4 level prepared (that’s us). At Market Day there were stalls like crazy hair, disco and karaoke, pizza and much more.

On Wednesday the 3/4 level had art. They did water colour art. Water colour art is were you colour in a picture with water colour pencils and then brush clean water over the picture and it will have a watery effect!

On Thursday the people who were in the Minecraft club hadMinecraft club! The server had connection problems, but they got the server to work again. The Minecraft club is at lunchtime and it’s a lot of fun.

And finally, on Friday it was the end of term and everybody got to go home at lunch time!  Yeah!

Enjoy the holidays everyone.

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Market Day


On Tuesday the 17th of September our school had Market day. We had a Disco, lemonade, crazy hair, lucky dip, popcorn, icy pole stall and much much more. Every one had lots of fun lots of parents were helping at different types of stalls. We all got donations from different people. We had lots of customers and every child was excited!!!!!!!!!!

 Some stalls ran out of supplies and they were very popular!! Everyone had a great time selling things. There were lots of different stalls like Plants are Us, Decorate your own cupcake, Homemade Lemonade, Spooky Tunnel, Disco, icy poles and a cake stall. Tokens were 50c each and lots of people bought 20 tokens. Some got the family pass with 50 tokens. Everyone had a great time on Tuesday.

 We should thank everyone who supported us at our market day.


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